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Fake news in History

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About Course

Fake news in History” is an illuminating exploration of the prevalence, impact, and evolution of fake news throughout history. This course challenges students to analyze historical events from an alternative perspective and understand how fake news has shaped public opinion, manipulated masses, and steered the course of history over centuries.

The course traces the origins of misinformation from ancient civilizations, through the propaganda machines of the World Wars, the Cold War, and into the digital age of the 21st century. Each module delves into significant historical events, dissecting the role of misinformation, propaganda, and false narratives in shaping their outcomes.

Course topics will include the yellow journalism of the 19th century, the propaganda tactics used by Nazi Germany, the misinformation campaigns during the Cold War, and the modern phenomenon of online fake news and deepfakes. Students will gain an understanding of how these false narratives are constructed, propagated, and why they can be so convincing to the public.

Case studies on how fake news has influenced wars, politics, social movements, and elections will provide practical examples for study. The course will also explore the various motivations behind the spread of fake news, such as political gain, financial profit, and societal manipulation.

The aim of this course is not only to highlight the pervasive influence of fake news on history but also to arm students with the critical thinking skills necessary to identify and debunk false information. Through an interdisciplinary approach, combining history, journalism, psychology, and technology, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of fake news, its historical implications, and its modern relevance.

This course is suited to students studying history, journalism, political science, and digital media, as well as anyone with a keen interest in understanding the impact of misinformation on society. The course combines lectures, discussions, case study analyses, and guest lectures from experts in the field, providing a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

By the end of “Fake news in History“, students will have a well-rounded understanding of the historical context and consequences of fake news, enabling them to engage more critically with the media and information they encounter in the future.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Participants in this course will learn:
  • Historical Prevalence of Fake News
  • Impact of Fake News
  • Analysis of Specific Events
  • Understanding Propaganda Techniques
  • Motivations Behind Fake News
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis Skills
  • Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Future Media Engagement
  • Expert Perspectives

Course Content

Fake News in History

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Great course.

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