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Fake News in Drama in School

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This unit is a devising unit. Technology is heavily used in the modern world and fake news is rapidly becoming something students need to be aware of and be able to critique in modern day society. This links very much to advertising.

In this unit, students will explore how advertising can be misleading. There is a risk that the irresponsible and premeditated way that advertising can be used to serve a biased aim can impact negatively on groups within society.

Being able to understand a biased agenda will inform students’ end performance, which will be a piece of fake news. This will be scripting a performance and completing a production schedule. (Planning for a news report) which explores the KS4 objectives of: Adopting safe working practices and developing an awareness and understanding of the roles and processes undertaken in contemporary professional practice.

This will build on students’ application of skills from the 5 elements of Drama learned in year 7 whilst accumulating new skills from the elements to this armoury.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The role and influence of technology in disseminating fake news in today's society.
  • The ways in which advertising can be misleading or serve biased aims.
  • The potential negative impacts of irresponsible and biased advertising on various societal groups.
  • The ability to understand and identify biased agendas.
  • The process of scripting a performance that depicts a piece of fake news.
  • The ability to complete a production schedule, planning for a news report.
  • The importance of adopting safe working practices in contemporary professional practice.
  • An understanding of the roles and processes in contemporary professional practice.
  • A reinforcement and application of the five elements of Drama learned in Year 7.
  • The acquisition of new skills to add to their existing repertoire from previous drama studies.

Course Content

Fake News in Drama in School

  • Fake news in drama in school
  • Module Test

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